Zatarra Rx Pet Health


Arthritis? Cancer? Tumors? Pain?

Does your pet suffer? Are you being told that they have to be put down? There are other options. You can give your pets a better quality of life with Zatarra's custom pet tinctures.  At Zatarra Rx it is our mission to offer alternative methods of healing and pain management for your pets. 


Coconut Oil Heals!

Using a combination of coconut oil, CBD, and THC, Dcb Zatarra Rx can alleviate the symptoms of most pet aliments. You can contact us here on the website, or you can head over to the Zatarra Rx Pet Health forum to have your questions answered. We are developing an online source of information to disseminate useful data on living a healthy, holistic life.


Contact Us Today to Customize A Plan For Your Pet!

Dcb Zatarra has successfully treated dogs and horses so far with these tinctures. We are currently doing more research with other pets as the need arises. Birds, reptiles, fish, and even some invertebrates have been proven to have cannabinoid receptors! Contact Us for a custom tincture for your pet.